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Er nannte ihn Lady

James Street
The People's Book Club (1941)

Erzählung a. d. Amerikanischen übersetzt
Vorlage zum Film "Good-bye, my Lady"

Weep No More, My Lady (Fiction)

Street, James
Saturday Evening Post Dec 6, 1941

Heart of the Savannah

Veronica Anne Starbuck
Paperback: 261 pages
Publisher: Windigo Harbor Media; ISBN: 0965848833; (September 1, 2000)


August Magic

Veronica Anne Starbuck

Where the Land Ends, and the Sea Begins,
the Magic Lives Forever

Now in its Second Edition, August Magic is the engaging tale of an old dog who brings magic to the life of everyone he meets. Recommended as a novel that "celebrates animals and our connections with them" in the Winter 1999 issue of ASPCA Animal Watch.

Mehr zum Inhalt von August Magic

CALL-OF-THE-MARSH / Life with a Basenji

Jill Wylie (veröffentlicht 1979 in Zimbabwe Rhodesien)
Liebenswerte und unterhaltsame Lebensgeschichte eines Basenjis in Zimbabwe.
Eine wahre Begebenheit.

CANDLE - a story of love and faith

Sally Ann Smith
ISBN 0-944875-22-X
Doral Publishing, USA (1991)
Rührende Weihnachtserzählung


Robert Vavra
Basenji Cartoons, veröffentlicht vom Basenji Club of America

Curly Tales

Jon & Susan Coe
Private Edition 1975

Weitere Bücher:

A Dingo in the Family (True Story/Case Study)
Rhyorchuk, Gill
Inkata Press Pty Ltd (1980)
ISBN: 0 909605 19 x or 0 909605 20 3 (paperback)

A Donkey and a Dandelion (Fiction)
Rybot, Doris
Hutchinson (1966)

Chad (Children's Fiction)
Tring, A Stephen
Reindeer Books (1966)

This Dog for Hire (fiction)
Benjamin, Carol-Lea
Walker & Co (1996)
ISBN: 0802732925

Verses 'n Curses (Poetry)
various authors
Basenji Club of Victoria (publication date unknown) -
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